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Many smaller businesses do not have access to in depth management support and would benefit from the added expertise of a Non Executive Director on their Board. This could be from 1 day per month and targeted at a particular issue or opportunity or simply to help with the overall Strategy of the business and ensuring the correct Corporate Governance arrangements are in place. Using one of our experienced Non Executive Directors is an efficient and low cost option to strengthen the management of your business.

We will undertake an in depth analysis of your businesses strengths and weaknesses using our unique seven step approach. This enables us to identify areas where we can work together to improve profitability, reduce costs and improve performance.

With our wealth of financial services expertise, we will review your current finance and banking arrangements and recommend areas for improvement and restructure to improve your cashflow, liquidity and costs.

Working with your management team we will review your current practices and implement Performance and Development frameworks for your staff to ensure individual and collective accountability for the ongoing success of your business.

With the everyday pressures of running a business in today's environment , you may need to reassess whether your current operational plan meets the needs of your customers. We can help you recognise when a change of direction is required and help you implement any tough decisions quickly and effectively.

Every business needs to regularly review their cost base and ensure that they are utilising modern methods of cost management. We can help you negotiate with suppliers to drive costs down whilst at the same time improving customer service and building lasting partnerships for the future.

Every successful business plans for the future and whether you want to hand over your business to your next generation or sell it to the existing or a new Management team, it is important that you have a strategy to ensure a smooth transition when the time comes. We can help you look at the options that are available to ensure that both you and your business are protected and the best outcomes are achieved for all concerned.

If you run a growing business or an enterprising organisation you may have lots of ideas and plans for the future, but are unsure about how to put them into action. Our experienced Business Coaches will provide you with the support and guidance you require which will help you choose the right direction for the success of you and your business.

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